Amanda Reads – August 2017

Happy Labor Day, US residents! And happy Monday to the rest of the world! I read a whole bunch of books last month, so I’m going to keep this intro short so I can dive right in. A reminder of the rating scale (with puppy pictures!): Let’s go!

#ARCAugust Recap

Since I have a post each month called Amanda Reads, I’m not going to review anything here. Just a quick recap of what I got through this month – I actually stuck kind of close to my TBR?! You can find that post here, if you’re interested.

(Belated) ARC Review – Before Everything by Victoria Redel

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Several months ago, I decided I wanted to be more proactive about reading and reviewing ARCs, and while I had a NetGalley membership, I was itching for more. Because I’m ALWAYS itching for more – it’s probably my fatal flaw. In any case, I signed up for First to Read,… Continue reading (Belated) ARC Review – Before Everything by Victoria Redel

#AlphabetAugust + #ARCAugust TBR!

Hey everyone! I’m doing a couple of fun things in August that I wanted to chat about today! First, as you’ll see in the picture for this post, I’m organizing a fun hashtag on Instagram (you can follow me @amandareadsandwrites) where we post our alphabetical book titles. I’m calling it #AlphabetAugust! I’ve gotten some questions about… Continue reading #AlphabetAugust + #ARCAugust TBR!