ARC Review – Run Away with Me by Mila Gray

This is the third Mila Gray book I’ve read, the third in her Come Back to Me series, and I have to say… it wasn’t my favorite. But! It was a fun read, and I did fly through it, and it comes out tomorrow! I was going to be part of the book blitz that… Continue reading ARC Review – Run Away with Me by Mila Gray

Amanda Reads – October 2017

October was a long, discouraging month for me when it came to reading. I felt like I either hated or loved what I was reading the whole month, and it ping ponged back and forth. And it annoyed me. I like loving books—it brings me joy to read words that I love. So anyway, this… Continue reading Amanda Reads – October 2017

Amanda Reads – September 2017

It’s time for my monthly reading roundup! The month went by super fast, and I read a bunch of romances, because WHY NOT? Haha. It was a good time. So sorry for the heavy dose of romance in this recap – I read them when I’m stressed. And if you know anything about how Day… Continue reading Amanda Reads – September 2017