ARC Review – Miles Away from You by A.B. Rutledge

Before I begin – I wasn’t sure I wanted to review this book at all. I read it, I ruminated on it, and then I started seeing some stuff online. It made me realize that I’m not the audience that will be most affected by this book. I’m not the audience that could be hurt by it. So this is a warning, before you go any further. The content of this book could trigger people, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. So here are the content warnings for this book: suicide, mental illness, depression, transphobia, homophobia, abuse, self-harm, and pedophilia.Read More »

Book Review – Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I knew this book would wreck me.

Not long ago, I sent an email to a friend with a bunch of book recommendations in it (more than he bargained for, I’m sure, but he didn’t know who he was dealing with), and I said that I sometimes put off reading the final books in series, because I don’t want things to end. I often get overwhelmed with my own feelings and feel empty and lost for days, sometimes weeks after. I knew that would happen when I finished this book. Other people had said it, and I’ve heard people ask Leigh Bardugo on panels if she’s ever going to continue the stories of these characters. She has always said that the Six of Crows bunch ends their stories in Crooked Kingdom, but some of the characters might appear in later books in the world, much like Zoya, Genya, and Sturmhond make appearances in Crooked Kingdom. This story stuck with people. And I’m weaker than most when it comes to fictional characters.

There was a reason I put off reading these books for so long. Because I knew they would wreck me. But here I go anyway.

Note: There will be spoilers for Six of Crows in this review, because how could there not be? So I’m going to assume that, if you’re reading this, you have at least read Six of Crows.Read More »

Book Review – Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Where do I even begin??? Okay, ahem, I can fangirl later in the review.

I have been meaning to read the Six of Crows duology basically since I started diving into book twitter and heard about it for the first time. But I held off. I was a little bit scared of it, because everyone loves it so much and talks about it all the time and it really made Leigh Bardugo the queen of YA fantasy (for some… myself included now). But those hyped books freak me out. What if I don’t like it like everyone else? What if I read it and it ruins the Grishaverse for me? WELL. I shouldn’t have been worried. I loved the Grisha trilogy, but this book really showed Bardugo’s growth as a writer and storyteller. It was so so good.

“No mourners, no funerals. Among them, it passed for ‘good luck.'”Read More »