#24in48 Final Update

Welp, as expected, my goals were too lofty, and I didn’t quite make my goal. But I put in a valiant effort! Here’s the recap: Hours of Reading Saturday: 9.25 hours of reading (combination of audiobooks and my Kindle) Sunday: 9.5 hours of reading (combination of audiobooks and my Kindle) Total hours: 18.75 Books Read… Continue reading #24in48 Final Update

Last Week Squees + Readathon Updates

I’m in the middle of a readathon weekend! It’s still July, so I’m still doing Marvel-a-Thon, and as you may have seen from my post yesterday, I’m also participating in the #24in48 Readathon this weekend. I’ll give updates on both, after I talk about my week! Last Week Squees The First, Neither a Squee Nor… Continue reading Last Week Squees + Readathon Updates

24in48 Readathon Update!

Hey friends! We are two hours away from the end of #24in48, and I’m calling it a weekend. I’m ending at 16 hours and 9 minutes, so I didn’t hit the goal of 24 hours. But hey! That’s still a lot of reading, and I’m okay with the result! Here’s what I accomplished! I finished… Continue reading 24in48 Readathon Update!