Amanda Reads – February 2017

Here I am! I’m a day late, but I’m here, back on my regular blogging schedule (mostly). And what does that mean for you, dear readers? It means you get the recap of what I read last month! It was a pretty good month for reading, especially if you consider the quality of books that… Continue reading Amanda Reads – February 2017

Amanda Reads – January 2017

I can tell you one thing about 2017 so far—I’ve been serious about my reading. The reasons are simple—it’s easy to pull out a book or a kindle while traveling. And boy, have I been traveling. Have you noticed that based on the lack of blog posts? It’s been a busy first month of the… Continue reading Amanda Reads – January 2017

Amanda Reads – December 2016

Welcome to 2017, y’all! If you can believe this, three years ago yesterday was the first day of my adventure in blogging every day for a whole year.  Yeah, that was three years ago already!  I don’t even know where the time went.  But here we are! I’m going to do something a little different… Continue reading Amanda Reads – December 2016

Amanda Reads – November 2016

Another month, another set of books read.  November was a busy month for me—I ended up traveling for work, I ran both a ten-mile race and my first marathon, and I spent a lot of my time writing book reviews (which I love doing, so that was fine).  But I did get some reading in,… Continue reading Amanda Reads – November 2016

An Open Letter to the Guy in College Who Told Me Not to Run a Marathon

Dear J, You’ll notice I’m just going to call you J throughout this letter—that’s because I don’t want to be the person who outs you as the idiot who told one of the most stubborn girls in the world not to do something.  It wasn’t smart, dude.  You should have known that it would only… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Guy in College Who Told Me Not to Run a Marathon