Third Person:

Amanda Gernentz Hanson has been writing stories since the third grade, when she turned in a five-page story about talking dogs to a local youth arts contest. She is an instructional designer by day and an everything else by night. Amanda is a proud Latina who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Hope College and her Master’s degree in Technical Communication from Minnesota State University. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @amandamariegh and on “bookstagram” and Litsy @amandareadsandwrites. If you see her in the wild, she probably has a book in her purse.

First Person:

I am a voracious reader and constant writer. I am a runner and a dog lover. I am many things, and I tend to incorporate those things into all aspects of my life. I write book reviews because I love to read and share books with people. I write fiction because it’s an escape from my (fairly boring) real life, and I tend to write characters and stories that I wanted when I was younger. I train for marathons while listening to audiobooks and am often trying to push the head of one of my dogs off of my keyboard so I can keep working on my computer. Life is funny like that.

Want to contact Amanda? Shoot her an email at aghansonauthor@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my writing and reading life.

With love and books,