Third Person:

Marie Patlán has been a scientist, a technical writer, a corporate trainer, and a running specialty store cashier. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, and currently writes a book review blog called Snark and Squee. Her general contemporary fiction novel, Something Beautiful, will be available as an ebook starting July 2020! More books to come, hopefully. *fingers crossed* She’s on Twitter and Instagram at @snarkandsquee, and can likely be found with a book in her bag at all times.

First Person:

I am a voracious reader, constant writer, science lover, and running shoe collector. I am a runner and a dog lover. I am many things, and I tend to incorporate those things into all aspects of my life. I write book reviews because I love to read and share books with people. I write fiction because it’s an escape from my (fairly boring) real life, and I tend to write characters and stories that I wanted when I was younger. I train for marathons while listening to audiobooks and am often trying to pet a dog while also eating and reading. This is my home for bookishness. Welcome.

Want to contact Marie? Shoot her an email at mariepatlanwrites(at)gmail(dot)com, leave a comment, or find her on Twitter and Instagram at @snarkandsquee.