Agent Carter Season 1, Episode 7 – Snafu

This was another action-packed episode, which is why I’m literally writing this immediately after watching. I would definitely miss things in any other scenario – and I still might! Hopefully not. Let’s dive right in – this is the penultimate episode of season one, so it’s a big one!


  • Peggy Carter is being questioned by Souza. In the room on the other side of the one-way mirror, Chad Michael Murray and the Chief Dooley are discussing that something doesn’t feel quite right about Peggy being the bad guy here. So CMM goes in and Peggy tells him what she knows. And he… has questions, but ultimately seems to trust her.
  • Mr. Jarvis shows up with a signed confession from Howard Stark, so he and Peggy are un-handcuffed and told that they’ll be free as soon as Stark arrives. Jarvis reveals to Peggy that Stark isn’t coming, and Peggy isn’t pleased.
  • While Jarvis and Peggy are bickering, she sees the Russian psychologist dude tapping out some Morse code on the window sill of Chief Dooley’s office. She doesn’t know who is across the street, but knows that something big and bad is about to happen – Leviathan.
  • CMM, Souza, and Chief Dooley ultimately believe what Peggy and Jarvis are saying, and go out in search of Dottie Underwood, who is really a grown-up Russian trained assassin. They leave Peggy and Jarvis behind in an interrogation room, and Chief Dooley stays behind with the Russian psych dude. CMM and Souza find Dottie, but she escapes from them.
  • Chief Dooley is put under a spell by the Russian psych dude. He handcuffs Peggy and Jarvis to a table in the interrogation room, then lets RPD into the lab, where he promptly goes through all of Stark’s inventions before stealing the one he wants. The Chief Dooley is sent back to his office by RPD to basically sleep it off.
  • Dottie purchases a baby carriage and a blanket as part of the next step in their ploy. She goes to a movie theater and sets off the gas that RPD stole from the lab – one of Stark’s inventions. Then she leaves the gas canister in the baby carriage in the theater and locks the doors.
  • Chief Dooley is woken from his sleep and is wearing this weird glowing vest. Jarvis immediately recognizes it – and it’s very glitchy, apparently. It’s supposed to be both a power source and a source of warmth, but it malfunctions, overheating and exploding. Chief Dooley knows he doesn’t have a lot of time left. He takes CMM’s gun, shoots out a window, and jumps right before the vest explodes.
  • Meanwhile… everyone in the theater goes crazy from the gas and kills each other. And Dottie and RPD appear to get away.

Timeline Progress

We’re still in the same place – although there’s a flashback at the beginning of the episode that I honestly found to not be important where RPD is in WWII and hypnotizes a soldier while he performed surgery – and the soldier didn’t feel the pain. I guess that’s sort of what he ended up doing to Dooley, and what he did to the agent that walked into traffic in the last episode too.

Connections and Easter Eggs

Nothing new in this episode, although Steve Rogers’ blood makes another appearance. But that wasn’t what the Russians stole!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Peggy. Jarvis. Souza. CMM!

Dislikes: Chief Dooley getting hypnotized. Those damn Russians. Stark’s stupid and deadly inventions.


A reminder of the rating scale:

  • Red = Couldn’t even get through it
  • Orange = Ugh, no thank you
  • Yellow = I mean, I’ve seen worse, but there were problems
  • Green = This was good! 
  • Blue = Oh my gosh, I loved this movie/show!
  • Purple = This is the unicorn of movies/shows and I will be rewatching it until Disney+ starts asking questions and EVERYONE should be watching it!

This was super good and it was very difficult to not immediately roll into the season finale! But that comes next week! I’m giving Season 1, Episode 7, the penultimate episode of season one, a GREEN rating! Can’t wait for next week, we’re so close!

Higher, further, faster, baby!

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