Agent Carter Season 1, Episode 4 – The Blitzkrieg Button

After how exciting the last episode was, this one was almost… boring? I get that it was necessary, but there wasn’t a lot to it. Anyway! I digress, here we go.

agent carter


  • Mr. Jarvis is trying to make a deal with some shady people, and Peggy is slowly knocking them out as she goes through the building. All this is in an effort to rescue Howard Stark, which they do, although his return was risky and kind of stupid.
  • Peggy quickly realizes that all of Stark’s properties are under surveillance. She has to bring him to her apartment.
  • While sneaking Stark into her apartment (STRICTLY NO MEN ALLOWED), she’s interrupted by the building manager or whoever that grumpy lady is, and she’s almost found out. But Stark’s philandering ways save her by the skin of her teeth.
  • Souza has a hunch that a drunk down by the docks saw something, and brings him in for questioning. Chad Michael Murray has been left in charge when the boss man goes to Germany, and he thinks Souza is wasting his time.
  • Peggy is given a mission by Stark – steal back the Blitzkrieg button he created and replace it with a fake. Because it could wipe out the whole city! Something is fishy, but, she does as she’s told. Jarvis in particular is acting fishy, so she opens up the ball that supposedly holds the Blitzkrieg button… and finds a vial of blood.
  • Souza is getting nowhere with the guy from the docks, so CMM brings some scotch in and gets the guy to say what he saw in exchange for the alcohol. He saw a brunette woman and a nicely dressed man, but that’s it.
  • Peggy confronts Stark about the blood, and Stark admits that it’s Steve Rogers’ blood. And he wants to profit off of it. Peggy clocks him and kicks him out. Stark tells Jarvis to apologize for him, but Jarvis agrees with Peggy that Stark was an asshole, and tells Stark so.
  • Meanwhile, some albino looking dude is hunting down Peggy. He tries to break into her apartment and pulls an automatic pistol – something uncommon at the time, I presume? – on one of her neighbors, Dottie. Well, Dottie basically climbs the walls and kills him by breaking his neck with her thighs?? It sounds sexual but is definitively NOT. So… she’s a spy, I guess? Dottie wanted the guy’s gun.
  • The boss man returns from interviewing a former Nazi in Germany with an interesting story – there was no battle where the two Russian dead guys with no voiceboxes supposedly were killed. A ton of Russians died, but not by German hands. And CMM reveals that soon after that “battle,” Stark arrived on a plane to that area. So it would APPEAR they have a CONSPIRACY.
  • Peggy takes the blood she stole from Stark that was Cap’s and hides it in her wall.
  • Then the typewriter starts typing on its own and boss man is like “wtf mate??”
  • The end.

Timeline Progress

Still post WWII, as was discussed at length in this episode.

Connections and Easter Eggs

Not much of an Easter egg, but Captain America’s super blood is present in this episode. And Stark says that it could be a cure-all, if only he could experiment with it! But Peggy’s like, nuh uh, you can’t profit off of someone who gave his life for all of us. And she takes the blood from him. TBD what happens to it, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Stark doesn’t experiment on it.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: PEGGY. Jarvis. Poor supposedly dead Cap. Souza.

Dislikes: Stark, the asshole. Chad Michael Murray. Boss man. Crazy Dottie? Albino dude??


A reminder of the rating scale:

  • Red = Couldn’t even get through it
  • Orange = Ugh, no thank you
  • Yellow = I mean, I’ve seen worse, but there were problems
  • Green = This was good! 
  • Blue = Oh my gosh, I loved this movie/show!
  • Purple = This is the unicorn of movies/shows and I will be rewatching it until Disney+ starts asking questions and EVERYONE should be watching it!

I was pretty bored during this episode. There was a lot of Stark being a jerk and a womanizer, and that’s a big YAWN from me, dawg. There weren’t necessarily problems with the episode, but I’m still going to go with my gut rating. I’m giving Season 1, Episode 4 a YELLOW rating. So slow.

Higher, further, faster, baby! #MarieMarvels

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