Agent Carter Season 1, Episode 2 – Bridge and Tunnel

I forgot how wonderful the world of Agent Carter is! I am fully I N V E S T E D in watching all the episodes of this show again. I’m just loving it. So on that note, let’s get into it!

agent carter


  • The other (cough MALE cough) agents of the SSR are trying to track down the blond lady from the party several nights earlier as part of their investigation into who got the nitro-whatever out of the safe and through their fingers. Well… that was Peggy in a blond wig, so she’s hoping they DON’T figure that one out. Luckily for her, she’s well-trained.
  • Those same male agents start digging through the wreckage of what remains from the bombing of the Roxxon refinery. Not a glamorous job, especially since it’s a giant ball of many types of materials and nothing really makes sense. That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at first… until the very end of the episode when one of them finds a license plate that belongs to a car owned by Howard Stark. Peggy was ahead of that one too, telling Mr. Jarvis to get rid of the car earlier in the episode, but it sure doesn’t help clear Howard Stark’s name.
  • The male agents decide to screen everyone who works at the Roxxon factory for Vita-radiation, which is what the nitro-whatever gives off. Peggy is called in to help by screening the female employees. She recognizes the scientist she saw with the voicebox-less dude, and suggests that their lockers should be checked, since they probably already changed clothes. That causes the scientist (named Van Ert) to run, and Peggy heads him off so the male agents can arrest him.
  • The male agents find the name Leet Brannis – which Peggy OBVIOUSLY already knew – and start grilling Van Ert about him. Van Ert won’t give up a word, and Chad Michael Murray knocks him out trying to “interrogate” him. So they’re getting nothing there.
  • Peggy and Mr. Jarvis head to New Jersey to find the driver of the milk truck used as the getaway car for the voicebox-less dude in the factory. (I’m thinking voicebox-less dude is actually Leet Brannis, but now I don’t remember and don’t want to be wrong!) They get there, Peggy beats the guy up, they find a second voicebox-less dude, and they get away with the truck. But not before first voicebox-less dude jumps on and starts shooting and fighting them while they’re driving! The truck ends up crashing, making all the nitro-whatever explode in the ocean and leaving a giant crater with no water. Oh, and second voicebox-less dude dies on the side of the road without leading them anywhere, but giving them a symbol – a heart with a wave through it.
  • The male agents track down the same name of the milk truck driver and arrive on scene after the explosion. They also find and pick up the driver, who was running down the road still tied to the chair that Peggy tied him to.
  • Peggy finds another place to live, after much pleading from her friend, the diner waitress, to be her neighbor. Peggy didn’t want to put her at risk, but Mr. Jarvis convinced her that she had to have people she trusted. ❤

Phew. These episodes are pretty jam-packed with adventure right out of the gate, huh?

Timeline Progress

We are still post-WWII and pre-everything else in the MCU.

Connections and Easter Eggs

At this point, Stark isn’t on screen – he’s in Europe somewhere trying to track down the rest of his inventions. So the only known face is Peggy. It’s going to be like this for most of the show, but it’ll get fun once we get into some of the movies!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: PEGGY. Jarvis. Peggy’s diner waitress friend. Agent Sousa. Watching all of these men be a step behind a kickass woman.

Dislikes: Actually, I didn’t dislike much about this episode. It was a good one. Even though CMM is kind of the worst, he plays his dumbass character so well that I kind of like it.


A reminder of the rating scale:

  • Red = Couldn’t even get through it
  • Orange = Ugh, no thank you
  • Yellow = I mean, I’ve seen worse, but there were problems
  • Green = This was good! 
  • Blue = Oh my gosh, I loved this movie/show!
  • Purple = This is the unicorn of movies/shows and I will be rewatching it until Disney+ starts asking questions and EVERYONE should be watching it!

What a GOOD episode. Lots of action, the plot moved forward, lots of men chasing their tails. I’m giving Season 1, Episode 2 a BLUE rating. Let’s see if it can maintain this enthusiasm, huh?

Higher, further, faster, baby. #MarieMarvels

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