90 Day Challenge + Life Update

Well hey there. It’s been a minute, and I apologize for that. It’s been a tough couple of months since I last wrote a post to this blog, but here I am. Still seeking balance in my life. And I’ve got some updates!

The first thing I want to talk about are intentions. Mostly because I always have a lot of them, and they’re almost always good! But the world is in a state of chaos right now – if you’ve been living under a rock or if you’re reading this at some distant date in the future (hi future people!), there’s this crazy thing called COVID-19 running rampant around the world, and my dreams all came true – I was told to not talk to or touch anyone and to stay inside! Except this novel coronavirus isn’t funny at all, and really, STAY THE FUCK HOME. But anyway. Intentions. I saw something on Instagram today (I’ve been spending A LOT of time on Instagram in the last couple weeks, because Tiger King memes are fire and also I like watching cat and dog videos) called the 90 Day Challenge. It’s hosted by Rachel and Dave Hollis, and I liked the framing. These are uncertain times, and for the next 90 days, we should set some intentions to keep ourselves healthy and sane. So here I am, setting intentions. This is what Rachel calls the “5 to Thrive.” Hers are different than mine, because I have to make things vague in order to keep my own promises. Also, sorry, I’m not going to get up an hour earlier than my dog already wakes me! So I made my own edited version from her base. But anyway…

My 5 to Thrive

  1. Drink Water – because dehydration sucks.
  2. Don’t Spend Money – because I just moved and partially furnished a new apartment and I’m going to need to pay those bills, yo.
  3. Move My Body – even though my marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19, that doesn’t mean I need to be a lump.
  4. Read – I’ve gotten very behind my 2020 goals, but I’m a come from behind type of person anyway.
  5. Be Grateful – I am employed. I have a roof over my head. I am healthy. I need to be more thankful.

Life Update

Some things you may have noticed in those bullet points!

  • I moved… again. This is my 6th move in two years, and I am TIRED OF IT. But I think this one is going to stick, which will hopefully bring some normalcy and stability to my life.
  • My spring marathon got cancelled! Yeah, that one was hard to take. Running centers me in a way that nothing else really does, and not having an end goal is hard for me. But I’ve got a late summer marathon that I’m hoping to run for speed and then a fall marathon to run for fun. So I have end goals. I just have to build my base (and my pupper’s!) back up so I can really eat those miles for lunch.
  • I’m healthy! Through all of the chaos that is going on, I have (thankfully, luckily, gratefully) stayed healthy. And now that the state has a Shelter in Place order for the next 10 days (at least), I should have time to get back to one of my other loves – reading.

My Plan for This Blog

Ah, and here we go. I’m off track, behind schedule, all of that, but I think I can catch up. I have been reading in these two months, and I did get some work done on the Pondathon! I’ll write and update for that and start reviewing books again soon. I’m only going to commit to one review a week for a while, because life is constantly changing and I have no idea what this virus is going to continue to do to the world. But as long as I’m home, I’ll be reading and writing. And with that comes reviewing, because it brings me joy.

Thank you for sticking with me through all of my unintentional hiatuses (hiati?). I appreciate you.

Happy reading!

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