A Snarky Reading Recap – September 2019

You’re about to see how little time I had for reading in September! I had such big plans and ended up having to write 3 PhD level papers this month and was just tired all the time. So my reading suffered! And it might stay like that off and on for a while! I apologize! But I’m committed to keeping the blog going, and I’m sticking to that.

As a reminder, these are just books I FINISHED this month. I’m still in the middle of a couple others.

As a second reminder, here’s my rating system!

A Snarky Reading Recap

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

Some light spoilers ahead!

A huge part of the reason I got so few books read this month was because this took SO LONG to read. Probably half the month. And I wasn’t even all that impressed with the ending, after everything! I reviewed it relatively positively when I was about halfway through it here, but then it just dragged. I didn’t love how misogynistic the duke was AT ALL, and I hated his perspective. He turned into a worthy character at about the 75% mark, where he learned about the rape, finally. Which is why I didn’t change my review, because he was decent after that. But it took me about a week of reading to get to that point! Which is bananas! Anyway. My rating here is going to be lower than my rating in the review, and that’s why.

2 dogs

Rating: 2 dogs petted

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

This book though! I talk extensively about my issues with it in the review – mostly having to do with outdated language – but the story was top notch, and I was SO surprised at the ending! It wasn’t what I guessed at all! And it really takes that epilogue to explain it, because I was like “wut” when it got to the point where the police were trying to figure it out. You guys. Agatha Christie was a genius. Wow. Blown away.

4 dogs

Rating: 4 dogs petted

Hello Girls by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry

LISTEN. In August, I was in ARC review and blog tour hell (not really, I completely loved it), but it kept me from returning to this wonderful book. Toward the end of September, I was halfway through Shadow Frost (another insanely long book that is taking me forever to read), and I was like, nah, I want to finish Hello Girls first. So I returned to it, and I’m so glad I did. I wrote a glowing review even though I wasn’t done with it, and I’m sticking to it. So good. The writing is beautiful. The characters are innately troubled and extremely flawed, and I loved them. Such a good book. There are some definite triggers in it, so take care of yourselves, but it’s a new favorite of mine.


Rating: 4+ dogs petted

And… that’s it. It’s been a rough month for reading, truly. But I’m trying to be transparent with any readers I might have on this blog. Having a rough month doesn’t make you less of a reader, less of a blogger, less of anything! It just means you have other aspects to your life! And that’s okay.

Did anyone else have a rough reading month? I’d love to hear about it so we can be there for each other. Lol.

Happy reading!

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