Announcement! Marshmallow Fridays, coming in August!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on this at all, what with my long hiatuses here and there, but outside of writing and reading and book blogging, my life is very busy. I’ve always loved it, and I’ll continue to love it. But it means I sometimes have to take time off because I don’t have time to read. I see one of those stretches occurring again in the near future, and this time, I decided to make a contingency plan. And that’s how I decided on Marshmallow Fridays.

A true fan already knows what I’m getting at here, and I hope you’re excited! Because I am!

It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of people missed out on the epicness that was the original run of Veronica Mars. Three seasons, each not quite as great as the last, but all wondrous on the whole. Then a crowd-funded movie! And now a limited fourth season on Hulu! It’s a movement, and I’m here for it, because I LOVE me some VMars. In rewatching the whole series in preparation for the new episodes, I’ve realized two things:

  1. Some things have held up incredibly well over the last 15 years!
  2. Some things… have not.

So I’ve decided to recap the episodes and explore what still works on the show and what doesn’t really work anymore. I’m going to talk about Veronica in all her greatness – her highs and lows, her good decisions and her bad decisions (which includes the men she’s dated too), and the biggest thing – the plots that worked, and the plots that are super ridiculous (and that left some holes!). I’m so excited about this. It’s something that I can do without worrying about reading a book or two each week. And if I get too busy, it might be the only post you get in a week. But you’ll get it, because I want to be here chatting VMars with y’all each week.

I truly hope you’re as excited about this as I am!

As of this writing, I haven’t watched the new season yet, but I’ve heard some mixed reviews on social media. Probably along the same lines as the movie, honestly. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pull punches. There are some things that don’t work anymore, that maybe never should have, but I’ll get into it.

Welcome to the new Fridays, Marshmallows. I hope you’re here to stay.

Happy reading (and watching)!

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