Run Away with the Circus Reading Challenge Update – Week 1

Hey friends and readers!

We’re (about) one week into the Run Away with the Circus reading challenge (check out my TBR), and I’ve got an update for you! My week was a little scattered, but I did have the benefit of the 4th of July, so I got a little extra reading done than I maybe normally would have. Here’s where I stand after week 1!

Run Away with the Circus Reading Challenge

Menagerie: Read a book with an animal in the title: Incomplete

Big Top: Read a book with red and white on the cover: Complete!

Cotton Candy: Read a light and fluffy book: In Progress

  • Betraying the Billionaire by Victoria Davies

Flyers: Read a book about/set in space: Incomplete

Grandstand: Read a hyped book: Incomplete

Ringmaster: Read the first book in a series or a standalone: Incomplete

You’ll see that I have a little ways to go, but I’m excited and still really feeling this reading challenge. It’s been so much fun so far! Another update to come next week, where I’ll hopefully be at the halfway point in the challenge.

Happy reading!

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