Writer’s Corner – 2018 Writing Resolutions

We are ten days into 2018 now, and I’ve decided to start another new segment that will appear sporadically on the blog – Writer’s Corner. 2017 was a banana-pants year, and I let my talk of writing, my progress, and craft go by the wayside. I’ve loved book blogging, and writing reviews are some of my favorite things, but I don’t want to let go of my identity as a writer either. So here is Writer’s Corner! Welcome.

Today I’m going to have a little chat about resolutions, about what I want to accomplish with my writing this year, and about the books I’ve already written that are out in the ether somewhere, waiting for people to read them.

Resolution #1: Make Progress on Finished Novels

This is going to need to be broken down into several subcategories in order to truly describe it.

Fight and Flight

My YA novel about a high school running prodigy who was raped is being represented by the Agency at Pen Name Publishing! So it is on sub, currently. I have some big dreams for Callie and Liam and Peyton, and I want to see if those dreams can be realized this year!

You Better Run

I thought this book was done a long time ago, but every time I open it up to pitch it again, I realize that there is more work to do! I’m not happy with it in its current state, and I want to be happy with it. So this one is going to be tabled until further notice, and I hope I have time to edit it this year and get it ready for querying.

Secret Project

This one I’m going to stay tight-lipped on, but I’ll reveal this much – I have another manuscript out in the world that I’ve been querying, and I’ve had a couple of bites! So I’m hoping there will be good things coming on the news front this year.

Resolution #2: Finish My Bruja Book

A version of this book has been in my head since August 2016. I was inspired by the Summer Olympics, and it has morphed into something completely different, something fantastical. And I want to finish it. I want it to exist in a final form, so I can try to get it published. That is my goal for 2018, my biggest goal, my most important goal. I want this untitled witchy book to be done.

Resolution #3: Make Writing My Priority Again

Writing is my passion, and some of that passion has been leached out of me in the past year. There was some controversy with Something Beautiful when it was released, and it really made me question all of my goals and all of my hard work. Maybe I’m actually bad at this? Maybe writing truly isn’t for me? That’s not it! It was some bad review to a book published by an indie press, so there aren’t a lot of reviews to begin with. I need to push through that! I don’t read reviews anymore, and I’m hoping for a bit more reach in the future with my books. I have a lot of hopes and dreams still, and they’ll never be realized if I don’t make writing a priority in my life again. So that’s what 2018 is going to be for! I have one serious rewrite (You Better Run) and one first draft (Bruja) to get done this year, along with some waiting and some querying and some scheming and some dreaming. And I think these can help be realized by posting a monthly writing recap, similar to my reading recaps. So I’m doing that! I’m going to hold myself accountable. I’m going to write my stories. I’m going to get these out in the world if it’s the last thing I do.

But I really hope it’s not. 🙂

What are your writing goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments!

Write on, everyone!





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