Amanda Reads – October 2017

October was a long, discouraging month for me when it came to reading. I felt like I either hated or loved what I was reading the whole month, and it ping ponged back and forth. And it annoyed me. I like loving books—it brings me joy to read words that I love. So anyway, this has been a frustrating month. But now I get to look at dogs for a bit.

Here’s a reminder of my rating system (puppies!):

Run Away with Me by Mila Gray

After reading Come Back to Me and Stay with Me, I was… disappointed by this one. It was like Mila Gray took a vacation for this book. I didn’t have the feelings I had with the first two, and I felt the conflict was… silly? I don’t know. It just didn’t vibe for me. Review to come at some point!

2 dogs

Rating: 2 dogs petted.

Keeping Claudia by Suzanne McKenna Link

I could not. I tried so hard to get into this book and I just could not. There was no tension at all—it was just a relationship that already existed that they were trying to keep going? I don’t know, I DNFed at the 15% mark.

0 dogs

Rating: 0 dogs petted.

A Messy, Beautiful Life by Sara Jade Alan

I loved this I loved this I loved this! Read my full review here.

4 dogs

Rating: 4 dogs petted.

All the Wind in the World by Samantha Mabry

I’m still thinking about this book. It’s burned into my brain in the best way. Read my full review here.

4 dogs

Rating: 4 dogs petted.

Make Me Yours by Rebecca Brooks

The best second-chance romance I’ve read in so long. In forever? Perhaps? We’ll have to see. Read my full review here.

4 dogs

Rating: 4 dogs petted.

Sparked by Helena Echlin and Malena Watrous

Nope. Not for me. It wasn’t poorly written or anything, I just didn’t like it. So this one was completely subjective. DNF from me.

0 dogs

Rating: 0 dogs petted.

Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien

This one was more complicated for me. There are a lot of racial tensions happening in the country right now and when I realized this was about a white girl getting initiated into a Latinx gang in California, I felt funny. I also really really hated all of the narrators, so I DNFed this one too.

0 dogs

Rating: 0 dogs petted.

Never Apart by Romily Bernard

This would have been a five-star read for me had the ending been different. I really hated the ending. A LOT. And since I can’t separate the ending from the rest of the book, this one is getting a slightly lower rating. Read my full review here.

3 dogs

Rating: 3 dogs petted.

Haven by Mary Lindsey

I tried really hard to set aside my feelings about vampires and werewolves and everything related to Twilight and that era of YA and I read this book all the way through. And guess what? I still hated it. I’m going to be putting this review up ASAP (this week for sure), so you’ll see what I mean then.

1 dog

Rating: 1 dog petted.

See what I mean? Everything was either a love or a strong dislike this month. I started November off a lot better, so hopefully, a month from now, I won’t feel so frustrated with my reading life.

What did y’all read in October? Anything good? I’m always taking recommendations!

Happy reading!


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