Top 5 Wednesday – Best Bromances

Happy Hump Day – it’s Top 5 Wednesday! As a reminder, Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly roundup of cool/fun bookish things that is hosted by Sam over at Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. You can visit the Goodreads group for topics (and such, as Sam always says). I’ll be honest – this was sort of a tough topic for me. I’ve been reading so many books by wonderful, great, diverse, FEMALE writers, so there haven’t been a ton of male characters? And I kind of love it?! I scrolled through all the books I’ve read so far this year and was able to come up with five bromances (sort of?) that I’m using for the list, so HEY, here we go.

Top 5 Best Bromances

  1. Braden + Charlie’s brothers in On the Fence
  2. Isaac + Trav in Noteworthy
  3. Sol + Cylan in The King of Bourbon Street
  4. Taj + Bo in Beasts Made of Night (until the end??)
  5. Robbie + Raiden in Jerkbait (until the end for a different reason???)

Gah. I had so much trouble. But I stand behind my top three, at least! Can we do a topic about best female friendships? Or female friends to lovers??? Hoo boy, I’d have fun with either of those. 😉

Happy reading!



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