Top 5 Wednesday – Books that Would Make Good Video Games

Before I get to my list, I think I should put it out there that I haven’t played a video game in YEARS. Like, literally since college. I have very little interest in video games. So! This was a fun challenge for me! It should also be noted that the only video games I ever played were quest-like games—none of this shooting and stealing cars nonsense. I like other worlds and adventures in my games, just like in my books.

So, on that note…

5. Red Queen series

I’ve talked about the problems with these books already multiple times, and I have a review of Glass Sword (finally) in the works. But here’s the thing—the world is pretty cool. It had so much potential that I feel like it would be a super awesome video game. You could be a rebel fighting for equality, but you have to achieve certain things in the quest. Like I said, there’s so much potential here.

4. Charlotte Holmes trilogy

Mysteries! It would be like a choose your own adventure game—a quest mixed with the Sims. I don’t know. But I’d love it. I’d love it so much.

3. Dreadnought series

Only the first book is out so far, but this is another one of those books where the world has so much potential that I’m just assuming the books coming after are going to be just as awesome as the first. Superheroes! Fighting crime! Deciding what color cape you’re going to have! Scoping out clues in a superhero bar! There’s so much to love already.

2. The Wanderland Chronicles series

An Alice in Wonderland retelling about the zombie apocalypse. Oh, I’m so in on this video game. Fighting zombies and running from the Red Queen and racing to find a cure for the momerath virus! I can see it already (and I’m not as awesome as Alice, so I’d probably fail, hahaha).

1. Brooklyn Brujas trilogy

I WANT TO SEE A VIDEO GAME SET IN LOS LAGOS. Because OH MY GOODNESS that would be so cool! Are you listening, Z? This is what I want. I want an amazing movie adaptation and a video game. I’d even buy a video game console (is that what they’re called?) if this became a thing.

I may not know a lot about video games, but I know what would make for cool ones that don’t already exist. More books need to be made into video games. Because books are the best.

Happy reading!


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